Arts & Crafts Inspired Design

At ChristianPaul we have a wealth of experience in the Arts & Crafts period of design 1880 – 1910 and have designed a number of kitchens and individual pieces of furniture inspired by the movement.

Our furniture often has a free standing feel, avoiding the appearance of a ‘fitted kitchen’. We offer the cabinetry in Quarter Sawn Oak, which shows off the medullary ray, sometimes referred to as ‘tiger skin’ in the timber, paired with details in copper, bronze and stainless steel. Details such as bespoke metalwork, leaded glass, fretwork & hand carving add to the design.

Whilst drawing inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement it is essential to recognise that a modern kitchen needs to offer functionality and ease of use. As skilled designers we are able to interpret your ideas into a well designed space, and the cabinetry whilst in-keeping with the Arts and Crafts style, can be engineered to include all the requirements of the modern kitchen such as dishwashers, steam ovens and espresso machines.